New Jersey Business Valuations

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AJR Business Advisors has networked with a full service valuation firm providing business intermediaries, banks, consultants, attorneys and their respective clients with business valuation services. Our vision of customer dedication and quality services has made them one of the top valuation firms in the country.  We deliver credible valuation conclusions by applying the most advanced and appropriate valuation techniques.

Every business is unique. We believe that research is the foundation of valuing a business, which is why we invest (and develop) in the most comprehensive databases of economic and comparable transactions available. Our analysts spend numerous hours researching historical transactions, reviewing court cases and conducting detailed financial analysis for every valuation assignment to assure that we provide the most accurate valuation possible.

How we can help!

The most intelligent and obvious move a seller can make is to have a professional, third party objective opinion from someone whose job it is to provide valuations for companies.                                 With this in hand, a seller has an unbiased opinion of value, setting the frame of reference for all negotiations between buyer and seller.

Confidentiality & Privacy Our entire foundation is developed on selling businesses without customers, employees and suppliers finding that it is for sale. This way the business can sell without repercussions to the business. We qualify all buyers then have them sign non-disclosure agreements before learning anything about the business. IT WORKS…we have never had a buyer break this agreement!

Confidentiality is Priority #1

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